ICCIR 2020

ICCIR 2020

Organizer: Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE)
Venue: Messe Wien, Vienna, AT
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CME credits: 15 ECMEC®s
Date: from: 2020-12-16 to: 2020-12-18
Fee: 270 - 980 EUR
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Complications are a delicate matter, but practitioners committed to continuously improving treatment results know that these must be confronted. The International Conference on Complications in Interventional Radiology (ICCIR) is a unique event that brings together professionals aware of this reality.

While the ICCIR attracts interventional radiologists with diverse backgrounds, participants are united in their dedication to refining the subspecialty by scrutinising cases that did not go as planned. The congress exposes participants to a wide range of possible complications and gives them the opportunity to join distinguished faculty presenters in exploring how these can be avoided or best managed.

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To encourage frank exchanges, we strive to provide a particularly discreet and professional environment by carefully selecting faculty and limiting overall participation. Meticulously selected case reports also constitute a defining element of this congress.

Participants have regularly lauded the congress for facilitating direct, open exchanges with colleagues presenting information based on their own real-life experience, with younger doctors especially appreciative of the opportunity to engage in thorough discussions outside of the busy workplace environment.

We look forward to welcoming another group of dedicated interventionalists in December!

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