ESSO Hands on Course on Colorectal Cancer Surgery

ESSO Hands on Course on Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Organizer: ESSO
Venue: Insitute of Anatomy Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana Korytkova, 2 SI - 1000, Ljubljana, SI
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Date: from: 2020-01-23 to: 2020-01-25
Fee: 800 - 1000 EUR
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Main topics
Surgical anatomy of the colon
Surgical anatomy of the rectum
Surgical technical aspects of approach, dissection and reconstruction of cancer in colon and rectum, highlighting the oncological approach

Educational methods
Hands on workshops with human cadavers
Video based discussions
Plenary lectures
Pre-course 3D atlas on surgical anatomy and its techniques that will help participants to increase their knowledge on the anatomy of the abdominal organs and to improve their surgical skills. These 3D videos are kindly provided by our elearning partner, Incision.

Ideal participants
Young surgeons or surgical trainees interested in developping a specific knowledge in colorectal cancer surgery

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