ePharma 2019

ePharma 2019

Organizer: KNect365
Venue: NY Hilton, 1335 6th Ave, 10019 New York, US
Website: go to
Date: from: 2019-03-19 to: 2019-03-21
Fee: 1,295 - 3,295 USD
Views: 234

Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Create Meaningful Patient Experiences
More Pharma Speakers. Better Networking. Greater Digital Prowess. All in Midtown Manhattan.

All NEW Content Areas for 2019

The Next Wave of Patient Centricity
Beyond the Pill
Who’s Disrupting Your Market?
From Local to Global, and Back?

Biggest Wins in Social
Ask Us Anything! How Do You Want to Get the Most of Your Social Media Channels
Investing in Innovation

Are You Speaking Your Customers Language
When Does Personalization Become Too Much
Getting Your Data in Order

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