26th Central European Dental Exhibition CEDE 2017

26th Central European Dental Exhibition CEDE 2017

Organizer: Exactus
Venue: Poznań Internationa Fair, Poznań, PL
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Date: from: 2017-09-14 to: 2017-09-16
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CEDE 2017: we’re back after a break – but never a break from being the best!
After taking a year off so as to organise the FDI Annual World Dental Congress »see photo gallery«
the Central European Dental Exhibition CEDE is returning to the dental calendar. We are already inviting guests to the Exhibition, which is taking place in Poznan on 14-16 September 2017. And even now we can guarantee that it will be an exceptional event!

For a quarter of a century now CEDE has offered a platform for showing off the achievements of modern dentistry, both in technological fields and in dentistry as a science. Each year the Exhibition brings together the best producers and distributors of equipment, tools and dental materials as well as people passionate about dentistry in general. Because what else can we call those among you who, despite all their other duties and obligations, never cease to want to develop themselves and who refuse let themselves fall behind the latest trends in their profession.

CEDE 2017 will be special for many reasons. Building on our experiences from organising FDI Congress 2016 Poznan, we would like to take advantage of our new skills, contacts and energy to improve the formula for this event. Both exhibitors and their guests (entry is free as usual) as well as those of you who are coming to Poznan to acquire new knowledge and skills will benefit from the unique ideas on show at next year’s Exhibition. This is because CEDE 2017 will be held in tandem with the Congress of Polish Dentists under the academic direction of Professor dr hab MD Marzena Dominiak. We can already promise it will be a real treat for anyone interested in a tried and tested, professional and interdisciplinary source of knowledge. Coming to Poznan once again will be both the most knowledgeable people in dentistry and the people best equipped to share this knowledge. We also promise there will be no shortage of learning opportunities at CEDE 2017 for other dental professionals: technicians, hygienists, assistants and managers.

Furthermore, the 26th Central European Dental Exhibition will feature plenty of interesting accompanying events, since our ambition is not only to promote Polish dentistry, but also to bring the entire community together.

See you in Poznań!


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