35th International Congress of the EHS

35th International Congress of the EHS

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Polish Baltic Philharmonic
Ołowianka 1
80-751 Gdańsk
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It is my great pleasure to invite you to the historical city of Poland, and since many years the 'Polish gate to the world', Gdańsk.

After the congress in Prague in 2000 it will be the second time to visit one of the new European Union countries and make the remarks about the changes from last two decades.

This is not the only reason to visit Gdańsk, and join the 35th International Congress of the European Hernia Society (EHS). Our society will have the opportunity to show its renewed face with many educational and scientific issues.

As you know the European Hernia School will be ready to start its activity and we, as a society, will be proud to present it during the sessions. We hope that it will bring the new quality of professional education in herniology and rise the level of medical service through unified program of teaching in EU countries.

A new tool for scientific partnership and look for the multicenter trials cooperation based on the web platform will be presented and launched. We hope to increase the level of our scientific activity in the close future and give our members the opportunity of working together.

In June 2012 the European Registry of Abdominal Wall Hernias (EuraHS) will be launched and will therefore be on line for almost a year, so we also hope to present the first epidemiological data which will bring us closer to the guidelines in ventral hernia repair.

Further a dedicated session will show our updated guidelines in inguinal hernia repair. These guidelines will be finalized by the end of 2012. Knowing that we are not the only people having interest in hernia surgery, we plan to invite other societies (IEHS, EAES) to present their own perspective on the guidelines and needs in the hernia surgery field.

Science is not the only reason to organize congresses. We are targeting to extend our collaboration, not only among the world scientific societies, but also invite our friends from different countries to be closer and collaborate in the future. The secretary of the Russian Hernia Society was asked to be one of the Vice Presidents of the congress and an invitation to our Chinese friends was also send. Furthermore we did not forget about our old friendship with the American Hernia Society. We hope the personal contact and exchange of various experiences will enlarge the "hernia community" and add a new value to our contacts.

Last but not least: the congress venue. The Philharmonic House is located in the middle of the old town. So are the hotels and the airport is only 15 minutes away. This will give our participants the opportunity to walk through the city and the nearest facilities. We also invite all delegates for the evening events to the historical places of the city including well known Gdańsk Shipyard – the place where the Solidarity movement was born.

We hope to welcome you all in Gdańsk in 2013!

Maciej Śmietański

EHS 2013 Congress President

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