Moving to Dubai to Practice Dentistry (UAE)

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11 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

Have a vacation holiday by joining us on this Destination CPD by Mark Georgy:

Dr. Mark Georgy practiced in Abu Dhabi for 5 years and and Dr. Fraaz Ahmed recently moved to Dubai -  in this episode they share what it’s like to practice Dentistry as an expat in the United Arab Emirates - from requirements to lifestyle.

Highlights of this episode:

2:32 Dr. Mark and Dr. Fraaz introduction

6:46 Dubai to Practice Dentistry

10:34 Dental Health Authority (DHA) License Dubai

12:19 Taking risks and moving to other countries

13:54 Requirements for foreign dentists to work in the UAE

17:06 Dental Protection Indemnity in UAE

19:22 General Dental Practice in UAE

22:05 Contractual issues abroad

30:00 Things to consider before moving abroad

33:34 Quality of life and schooling in UAE

37:26 Income tax and income levels in UAE as a Dentist

44:42 Daily life in the UAE

48:38 Language Issues and barriers Dubai

49:48 Advice in considering moving to the UAE for Dentistry

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