Biomimetic Dentistry - What Actually Is It?

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12 months ago

Case description

Biomimetic Dentistry is the use of Restorative techniques and materials to mimic (and preserve) the structure and function of natural teeth. Dr. Taylor Paton will discuss his journey in Biomimetic Dentistry: how it differs from Adhesive dentistry and how it can be used to develop innovative treatment strategies for patients. 

Check out The Hybrid Layer and Dr Paton: 

2:52 Masking Metal Posts/Dark Substrates

7:15 Biomimetic Dentistry  

13:17 Dr. Taylor's journey to Biomimetic Dentistry

21:48 The Hybrid Layer  

24:11 Improving Bond Strengths  

26:58 How Decoupling with time works  

31:41 Immediate dentin sealing concept  

36:19 Caries Detector dye  

42:58 Biomimetic Philosophy regarding crack management 

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