How Biomimetic Dentistry Prevents Losing Teeth & Root Canals from the Tooth Cycle of Death

2 years ago

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Preventing teeth loss and root canals are some of the most important objectives to have optimal oral health and quality of life. Traditional dental restorations and procedures do not adequately restore the strength and structural integrity of natural teeth. Traditional dentistry is focused on quick fixes that patch the problem, but they are not really curing the situation or preventing future problems. Naturally, this approach leads to a series of failures and complications, requiring further treatment, additional failures, root canals, and ultimately loss of teeth. This process is known as the “Tooth Cycle of Death”. Not only is this entire process frustrating, but it ends up costing patients a lot of money. Repeatedly treating teeth with short-term solutions will have the highest expected cost. Minimizing failures and complications by providing high-quality biomimetic restorations will cost more initially, but the lifetime savings can be very significant. Additionally, the oral health implications of having healthy teeth, preventing teeth loss, and root canals are priceless. 

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