12 Rules for Dentistry

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2 years ago

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Inspired by Jordan Peterson's book and videos, me and David Bretton came up with our very own 12 Rules for Dentistry.

Rule 1 - See Everyone

Rule 2 - Create a Positive Environment

Rule 3 - The patient in front of you is the most important person

Rule 4 - Don't own the patient's problem

Rule 5 - Do not care about your patients' teeth more than they do 

Rule 6 - Trust your gut

Rule 7 - Take time to take care of yourself

Rule 8 - Focus on your own journey

Rule 9 - Have mentors (it has never been easier!)

Rule 10 - There is no shame in admitting you do not know something

Rule 11 - If you're not enjoying things, something needs to change

Rule 12 - Enjoy the present moment and the journey

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