MEDtube Science 2017 - Sonographic Measurement of Liver, Spleen and Kidneys and its Correlation With the Parameters ff the Body in 203 Volunteers

3 years ago

Case description

Ultrasound examination has recently become widely popular and now it constitutes an examination of choice in the majority of cases. One of the basic features assessed during the ultrasound procedure is the size of the particular organ. To find correlation between the size and the age, weight, height and BMI (Body Mass Index) and also to check if already established normal values can be modified accordingly to these body parameters. 206 healthy volunteers without any known chronic disease and under no chronic treatment were examined in this study. In the analysis the following factors were taken under consideration: the size of the liver in the midclavicular line, the size of left kidney in midaxillary line, the size of right kidney in anterior axillary line and the size of spleen in posterior axillary line in correlation with age, weight, high and BMI.

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