Is the vaccine against toxoplasmosis for humans close to invent?

iStock_000025815091_Full (1)A group of scientists from China conducted an experiment on the development of a vaccine against toxoplasmosis. The results are encouraging, but more tests are necessary.

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Antibodies against newly described antigen of malaria parasite protect against infection

iStock_000001567765XSmallMalaria is a life-threatening disease, which is a serious health problem of people living in developing countries and at the same time, it is the main infectious cause of death among people who travel to tropics. Due to newly discovered antigen of Plasmodium falciparum it was possible to develop an effective vaccine against malaria. Read full text »

Chikungunya – vaccine soon available?

B cell lymphocyte producing antibodiesChikungunya was first described in Tanzania and Uganda in 1953. From its initial outbreaks it spread into Asia and Europe causing more and more incidences every year. The name of the disease comes from Makonde language and means “hump”. It relates to leant body posture stemming from the fact that joints are affected. Scientists from US-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases from Bethesda work to develop a new vaccine against this fast-spreading disease. In their first clinical trial described by Lancet magazine, they proved that the vaccine is immunogenic, safe and well-tolerated. Read full text »

Mucosal vaccine able to induce a protective immunity against Chlamydia trachomatis

There is currently a rising interest in developing mucosal vaccines against a different bacterial pathogens. The main reason for using this route of antigen administration is that many infections are initiated at mucosal sites. Therefore, development of effective vaccines that neutralize infectious agents at mucosal surfaces is desired. According to the one of the latest issues of the Science journal, researchers successfully developed a mucosal vaccine against Chlamydia trachomatis – a common pathogenic microbe affecting genitourinary tract.

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A new vaccine – a better quality of life for allergic patients!

According to the paper published in the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Journal, researchers from University of Iowa developed a vaccine against dust-mites that can relief allergy symptoms via modulating host immune response against this common environmental allergens. Read full text »

First results of the research on dengue fever vaccine

iStock_000001567765XSmallDengue fever is the most common viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical areas of the world. Progress of the urbanization and climate changes have caused a dramatic increase in the dengue fever infections within the last 20 years. Currently dengue fever is the mostly diagnosed disease among tourists who contact tropical medicine units due to fever upon turning back from tropics. After 20 years of research scientists have managed to work out a vaccine against dengue fever virus. There are ongoing studies on its effectiveness. Read full text »

Individually devised vaccine will prolong life of patients with brain tumour

iStock_000015704019XSmallThe latest research compared survival of patients with diagnosed terminal brain tumour who were treated with standard methods and with the use of experimental vaccine developed individually for every patient. The results have shown that the use of the vaccine brings very beneficial effects and prolong life of the patients.

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Vaccine against tuberculosis inhibits activity of sclerosis multiplex

iStock_000001567765XSmallResearchers from Sapienza University of Rome announce that vaccine against tuberculosis (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin – BCG) administered after the first symptoms of sclerosis multiplex may inhibit progression of the disease.

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The first Boston disease vaccine

The latest research conducted by Feng-Cai Zhu et al. from Regional Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Nanjing have contributed to the development of the first vaccine for human enterovirus 71 (EV-71). The virus is considered to be the main cause of hand, foot and mouth disease. In China over a million of people suffer from it and several hundred die because of it every year. Read full text »

A vaccine for breast cancer

A new vaccine (Neuvax, nelipepimut-S or E75), which can prevent recurrence of early-stage, HER2 medium or low expression breast cancer, is being tested. Currently, since 2011 the vaccine is in a third phase of clinical trials but the preliminary results will be known in 2015. Vaccine is directed against E75 peptide isolated from the protein receptor HER2/neu. The results of the first and second phase of trials indicate reduced recurrence of the cancer than in the control group, lower mortality rate and the absence of bone metastasis in case of recurrence. In the article the way of action, patients’ criteria selection, results of the first and second phase of clinical trials, toxicity as well as perspective of spreading the vaccine, will be presented. Read full text »