New screening tests – chance for ovarian cancer early detection

Scientists from United States are working on new screening strategy giving the opportunity of early ovarian cancer detection. Two – stage screening test is based on the assessment of tumor marker – antigen CA-125 changes in women’s blood. The outcomes of the studies conducted on the University in Texas were published in the journal Cancer. Read full text »

Tuberculosis – comparison of diagnostic methods

Tuberculosis is a common human and animal infectious disease occurring worldwide caused by Gramm positive acid-fast bacteria. The most dangerous for people are typical strains Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis. Every year around 8-9 mln of new cases are reported and 2 million people dies because of the infection and its complication. This places tuberculosis on the top of the leading infectious diseases, with regard to morbidity and mortality worldwide. Despite the fact that BCG vaccines are available, the situation is very serious because there are many problems i.a. difficulties in detecting myobacteria and its multidrugresistance . (1) Read full text »

Can New Blood Test Predict Heart Attacks?

Written for Physician’s Weekly.

A new blood test may predict patients at risk of an imminent heart attack. Researchers have discovered mutated circulating endothelial cells (CECs) that are released into the bloodstream days before the formation of a clot. A blood test may be used to identify this particular cell type up to 2 weeks before the heart attack is likely to occur. Continue reading