Can macrophages heal a broken heart?

Medical technician examining bloodThe researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in Sant Louis discovered a subpopulation of macrophages located in human heart that appears to play an important role in the heart’s response to injury. The results of their investigation were published by the “Immunity” in the January 2014. This discovery may contribute a significant improvement in a treatment of chronic heart diseases.

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Modification of memory – is it possible to erase something we do not want to remember?

American Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have proved that memories can be changed. In their research they confirmed assumptions which until now were considered only theoretically. The assumptions were that not only suggestion can cause an impression of remembering something what never happened or happened differently. Proper stimulation of hippocampus –memory control centre– may bring the same result. Read full text »

Lung transplantation using Organ Care System

Instead of a cooler, Gary Cunningham’s new set of lungs arrived at UPMC Presbyterian in a high-tech box on wheels. The small machine kept the donor lungs functioning and “breathing” outside the body with a constant supply of blood and nutrients. The machine, made by Massachusetts-based TransMedics, allows the lungs to remain at a normal body temperature [1, 4]. It was one of the first case of using mechanical perfusion in normothermia for lung storage before transplanting. There are similar researches in kidney and liver transplantation. Read full text »

Surgical robotic systems

A number of new robotic systems for surgery have appeared in recent years. These developments aim both at research and improvement of clinical practice in robotic surgery.

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Acupuncture – alternative form of treatment

Acupuncture is an alternative form of therapy, which consists in puncturing the body in specific locations using fine needles. Its birthplace is China where it was known in the Neolithic (ca. 10-4 millennium BC). The legend which explains the origin of the method says that acupuncture is the result of observation of Chinese warriors. They noted that the wounding of the body with an arrow may paradoxically cause relaxation or even relief of persistent pain which was earlier in this part of the body. Read full text »