Stressful cigarettes – how passive smoking affects stress level?

iStock_000009024892XSmallEverybody knows detrimental impact of secondhand smoke on human health. Annually worldwide because of passive smoking 600,000 people die. The exposure to tobacco smoke contributes not only to the prevalence of physical disease, including depression, but also causes serious lung and cardiovascular disease, such as lung cancer, heart failure and ischemic heart disease. Exposure of pregnant women to passive smoking, is associated with low birth weight newborns and the occurrence of asthma in children.

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Affectionate mothering reduces levels of stress hormones in the infant

The latest research conducted by researchers at the University of Utah shows that proper parenting strategies can mitigate the devastating impact of maternal depression on infant development. The data, published in the Child Development, reported that appropriately sensitive care from the mother greatly reduces the level of stress in the infant by influencing the neuroendocrine system. Read full text »