Cells of smell – a chance for the paralyzed to recover

iStock_000016507590XSmallThe diagnosis ” damaged spinal cord ” is a kind of sentence for several hundred of Poles every year. Most of damage or interruption of the spinal cord occur as a result of road accidents, unfortunate jumping into the water or brutal beatings. Current prognoses of healing and return to complete fitness were not optimistic. Despite of researchers’ efforts and possibilities of modern medicine the solution to the problem has not been found yet. The damage of central nervous system cells was supposed to be irreversible. Read full text »

Scientists discovered odor receptors in lungs – what is their clinical significance?

medical doctor looking at x-ray picture of lungs in hospitalResearchers from Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Iowa announced that odor receptors are presented not only in the nasal cavity but also on the surface of specific lung cells. Their data has been recently published in the Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology. Read full text »