Language problems in women and insulin resistance – could it be a new dependency?

Dictionary Series - Health: diabetesFinnish researchers suggest that there is a link between insulin resistance (typical for type 2 diabetes) and language difficulties in women (a sign of cognitive disorders in dementia). The study included both men and women belonging to different age groups and was conducted by Laura Ekblad Ph.D. and colleagues from the University Hospital in Turku, Finland. The results of the research were published in “Diabetes”, journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.

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Tuberculosis – new strain in India

Doctors from the National Hospital In Mumbai reported the existence of a new strain of mycobacterium causing tuberculosis which is resistant to all drugs that are presently used in the therapy of the disease. The strain has been called TDR TB (totally drug-resistant tuberculosis). Until the first half of January 2012, 12 cases of infection caused by the new strain were confirmed and 3 of those patients died because of it.

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Colorectal cancer – a new way to control the efficiency of chemotherapy

German scientists came up with the discovery of a new biomarker which could be controlled to assess a response to chemotherapy of colorectal cancer. Indication of methylation of transcription factor AP-2 epsilon (TFAP2E) gens can be useful medical examination, helping to determine a chemotherapy resistance. (1,2) Read full text »