Brain imaging using fMRI and its impact on the monitoring of pharmacotherapy in schizophrenia – latest report

iStock_000011113599XSmallThe scientists from New York discovered that functional nuclear MRI scan allows to monitor patient’s response to antipsychotic drugs used schizophrenia. The results were published in The American Journal of Psychiatry.

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Contemporary pain treatment – a return to the roots?

A new exciting substance has been discovered –it may soon replace opioids in their fight against chronic pain.

Pain may be defined as a subjective, negative sensation that informs an organism about a tissue damage. It is concerned as a phenomenon thanks to which the human race has learned to live in his natural surroundings. Pain is a element of great significance in localizing and diagnosis of the disease focus, leading to more effective treatment. Nevertheless there are types of pain that have nothing to do with warning about the danger of tissue damage: neuropathic pain, oncological pain, phantom pain. Their function is questionable and they concur to the escalation of psychological and physical suffering of the patient. Read full text »

Yunzi mushrooms, Abiraterone, Onco-vaccines – new methods against prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly appearing cancers. 11% of cancers in men are those linked with prostate neoplasm. The disease begins inconspicuously: frequent difficulties with urination that suggest benign prostatic hyperplasia. The development of prostate cancer can lead to death (9% of deaths from cancer. Prostate neoplasm leads to dangerous outbreaks of metastases within the liver, lungs or brain. Recently noticed correlation between infection with XMRV might be associated with the development of prostate cancer, but still the main factors of development are genetic and racial predispositions and a diet rich in saturated fatty acids, protein and cholesterol. That is why every man should carefully observe his body and should not hesitate to contact the physician if having any doubts, before it is too late. Read full text »

Opportunities in the pharmacotherapy – a challenge for the legislator? Legislative aspects of clinical research

Conference was prepared by students of the Local Committee Krakow of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association IFMSA-Poland, Section of Medical Law and Commercial Law Section of the Association of Law Libraries Audience of the Jagiellonian University and the European Law Students’ Association in Krakow. The event is the fruit of cooperation between these organizations under the Medical Law project. Symposium held in Cracow, at the Center for Teaching and the Congress of the Medical Faculty of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, 13-14 May 2011.
In Poland and the world’s growing number of clinical research is an important aspect of scientific development. Students of the Jagiellonian University see this phenomenon.
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Tai Chi fights depression among elderly

Epidemiological data from the United States of America are… depressing. More than 2 million people aged 65 years and older, have symptoms of depression. This includes up to 50% of the residents of nursing homes. Rate of suicide among white men over 85 years of age is six times higher than the population risk. Read full text »