Implantation of first cyberarm

For the first time an implantation of muscle and nerve controlled arm prosthesis was conducted at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg (Sweden). The arm prosthesis is attached permanently using electrodes and nerves of an amputee. The result is that the control of an advanced robotic prosthetic improved and similar to the pattern of movement of a human arm. Read full text »

Thought – controlled prostheses – latest report

For a long time now, projects with the object of creating an artificial limb that could be controlled by the patient’s thoughts have been known.To the well-known technologically advanced prosthesis projects belong: an international project Smart Hand, prosthesis of a British Touch Bionics, an Otto Bock company’s and dr. Todd A. Kuikenen’s from Chicago due to which the patient is able to feel the touch. Worth mentioning is also a Japanese model in which innovative control system was employed. It figures, that the patients after injuries can hopefully look forward to recovery. Read full text »