Remission of malignant melanoma is possible

Scientists from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center performed a study on one patient, to assess the role of the immune system in the fight against cancer. The results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine as a brief report. Ipilimumab (CTLA-4 protein blocker) was administered to patient with malignant melanoma. An unusual phenomenon was observed, in which radiation therapy of one cancer site, resulted in disappearance of metastatic tumors within whole body.

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Colorectal cancer – is there an association between blood coagulability and neoplasms?

Malignant neoplasms change the rheological properties of the blood, leading to a higher risk of thrombosis. Treatment of a cancer also affects the haemostasis. Recent studies carried out in the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (Heidelberg) showed that not only the cancer is causing the thrombosis, but the prothrombotic trend may increase the risk of malignant neoplasm occurrence. Read full text »