Is there a chance to improve the quality of life of adults infected with HIV?

Scientists from University of Toronto in Canada conducted a systematic review of the studies which evaluated the impact of regular training for adults infected with HIV. The article published in April 2016 has been created by using Cochrane Collaboration protocol.

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Is the vaccine against toxoplasmosis for humans close to invent?

iStock_000025815091_Full (1)A group of scientists from China conducted an experiment on the development of a vaccine against toxoplasmosis. The results are encouraging, but more tests are necessary.

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Is the risk of shingles increased in people with asthma?

iStock_000005013708_LargeThe scientists from Mayo Clinic have discovered the connection between asthma and the risk of shingles infection in adults .The research was conducted on the group of 1113 people in Minnesota, USA. Read full text »

People who do not get enough sleep are more likely to have a cold

Sleeping in this weekend?American organization National Sleep Foundation together with their 18 associates have analyzed about 300 studies concerning sleep. On this basis it was determined how much sleep does each group of people need. Adults between 26 and 64 should get between 7 and even 9 hours of sleep per day. Insufficient amount of sleep may bring a lot of negative effects. Read full text »

Vaginal microbiomes and the risk of HIV infection

Is it possible that microorganisms in vagina can protect against HIV infection and inhibit its replication? What is the population of these microorganisms? American scientists from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston developed a cell culture model of the vaginal epithelium, which allows identifying the bacteria that protect against HIV infection and other pathogens transmitted by sexual contact. Read full text »

Vaccination against catheter-associated urinary tract infection

medicine dopingDoes vaccine created by researches from Washington University School of Medicine (Saint Louis) can help to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infection? New studies published in Science Translational Medicine seem to be promising. Read full text »

First results of the research on dengue fever vaccine

iStock_000001567765XSmallDengue fever is the most common viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical areas of the world. Progress of the urbanization and climate changes have caused a dramatic increase in the dengue fever infections within the last 20 years. Currently dengue fever is the mostly diagnosed disease among tourists who contact tropical medicine units due to fever upon turning back from tropics. After 20 years of research scientists have managed to work out a vaccine against dengue fever virus. There are ongoing studies on its effectiveness. Read full text »

Salmonella typhimurium versus asthma

medical doctor looking at x-ray picture of lungs in hospitalScientists from Germany presented an explanation for impact of previous Salmonella typhimurium infection on reduced risk of asthma incidence. Results are considered as very promising. Read full text »

Preventing botulinum toxin poisoning owing to specific 3D structure

Scientists from University of California Irvine and Institute for Toxicology at Germany’s Hannover Medical School have discovered spatial structure of botulinum toxin’s protein ingredient which has a key role in its transportation from gastro-intestinal tract to the blood. Owing to the discovery it will be possible to prevent the absorption of the toxin, thereby preventing occurrence of serious neurotoxic results in the organism. Read full text »

The first Boston disease vaccine

The latest research conducted by Feng-Cai Zhu et al. from Regional Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Nanjing have contributed to the development of the first vaccine for human enterovirus 71 (EV-71). The virus is considered to be the main cause of hand, foot and mouth disease. In China over a million of people suffer from it and several hundred die because of it every year. Read full text »