Can macrophages heal a broken heart?

Medical technician examining bloodThe researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in Sant Louis discovered a subpopulation of macrophages located in human heart that appears to play an important role in the heart’s response to injury. The results of their investigation were published by the “Immunity” in the January 2014. This discovery may contribute a significant improvement in a treatment of chronic heart diseases.

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New surgical knife, which allows to identify tissue?

A report confirming the effectiveness of new surgical knife, which allows to identify tissue a few seconds after it has been cut, appeared in scientific press. The mechanism is connected with the analysis of smoke caused by burnt tissues. Read full text »

Keloid – the cosmetic nightmare

Wound healing is a process of invaluable importance to all living organisms. It guarantees survival despite mild injuries, providing a protective layer against the external environment. The process of wound healing is most often predictable and consists of four phases: hemostasis, inflammatory phase, proliferative phase and remodelling phase. Notwithstanding this the healing process may progress abnormally and lead to pathological scarring called keloids. Read full text »