Gene therapy will improve acuity of vision in patients with choroideremia

iStock_000010324615SmallScientists from Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology Universität Oxford devised gene therapy which is effective in choroideremia treatment. The therapy reversed process of progressive sight loss in 6 patients. The scientists published results of the first phase of their research in Lancet magazine. Read full text »

Male DNA in female brain? Phenomenon of microchimerism

Surely everyone of us could think of at least one film or book story involving characters whose mind is taken over by a foreign creature, usually of an extraterrestrial origin. It turns out that fiction might not be that far from truth. Thanks to the article (1) published online in the open-access journal PlosOne, we learn that female brains harbor male DNA and probably male cells. The source and consequences of this fact have already been studied but so far no definite conclusion was reached. Read full text »

Sirtuins – a spark of hope for longer life?

Sirtuins known as Sirt2 proteins are enzymes, NAD+-dependent deacetylases. Seven homologues of sirtuins (SIRT 1-7) were identified in mammals, which differ in location in cells, activity, function. They play an important role in metabolic processes, aging processes, growth and proliferation. Researchers have been working to find possibility of modulation of biological activity in treatment of metabolic diseases or age-related diseases. Read full text »

Infants – metachromatic leukodystrophy – the attempts in enzymatic replacement therapy with the use of arylsulfatase

The scientific conference devoted to genetic therapy in metachromatic leukodystrophy treatment in late infancy form was held in Paris in April 16-17.2011. It was organized by European Leukodytrophy Association (ELA). This organization supports families of children suffering from leukodytrophy and ELA enables them gaining financial help. Read full text »

Human serum albumin can be produced from rice seeds

Human serum albumin (HSA) plays a very important role in the human body and is used in many clinical cases. Because of the problems associated with its extraction researchers have been working on new methods of creating it. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published the latest results of research on transgenic rice seeds from which HSA was isolated. Read full text »

Congenital mutation of α3 integrin – a new reason of a failure of the lung, kidney and epidermolysis bullosa

A group of the scientists from Switzerland, Germany and Israel have described the cases of three infants with similar symptoms. After genetic analysis of a samples harvested from the young patients, a mutation of α3 integrin was found. Read full text »

Exercise induces changes in gene expression

What if you could change your body’s metabolism by just one visit to the gym? It is possible according to the latest study published in the Cell Metabolism (1) journal. The scientists examined biopsies of skeletal muscle obtained from sedentary participants before and after acute exercising. The pattern of their DNA methylation changed so that the genes responsible for cell metabolism were activated. The findings may surprise as it is generally thought that once the cell is mature, the pattern of DNA methylation is established. Here we find that the process is indeed dynamic and to some extent caffeine-related. Read full text »

Melanoma – new discovery in fight against it

The fight against melanoma is difficult. The rates are rising dramatically among young people, it is deadly if not caught early and the disease tends to adapt to even the most modern treatment. University of Rochester researchers made an important discovery, which can be next step to new treatment in the future. Read full text »

MRSA – a new and fast method of detecting infections approved

Until now, detecting of dangerous for people pathogen, which is Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), involved a long-lasting research. Recently faster method of detecting the microbe is available to use. It is approved in the USA NucliSENS EasyQ test which enables the diagnosis in 2 hours.
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Twins doubly beneficial!

Good news for “double” moms. The results of a research carried out at the University of Utah (USA) confirmed that mothers, who naturally bear twins live longer, have more offspring and bear children at shorter intervals. Moreover, they give birth to the last child at a higher age than other mothers. Read full text »