Brain imaging using fMRI and its impact on the monitoring of pharmacotherapy in schizophrenia – latest report

iStock_000011113599XSmallThe scientists from New York discovered that functional nuclear MRI scan allows to monitor patient’s response to antipsychotic drugs used schizophrenia. The results were published in The American Journal of Psychiatry.

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One step further in understanding human echolocation

Echolocation, being a specialized form of spatial hearing, is most commonly associated with animals such as bats or dolphins. Human echolocation has been studied since 1950s, but so far the neurological basis of this phenomenon has not been established. Echolocation is thought to be a rare ability as it concerns only few blind people. However some studies show that both visually impaired and sighted may have a degree of such skills (1). Human echolocation still holds many secrets, but Canadian scientists put an end to one of them. Their study (2) published recently in PLoS ONE online journal, was designed to investigate which brain areas mediate natural human echolocation. Read full text »