Hydrogel releasing drug as a new alternative to treat complications of a heart attack

3.-Spheres-entering-bloodstreamReports about effectiveness of stem cells therapy after an episode of acute coronary syndrome have been appearing for a long time. Interesting aspects of this kind of treatment are time of therapy implementation, dose, mechanism leading to improvement of the heart muscle functioning and method of administration. A method described by German research team seems to be a solution to the last problem. It was published in May this year and consists in the use of biomaterial – hydrogel made of PEGda which releases bispecific protein influencing bone marrow stem cells in a chemotactical way. Read full text »

Cholinesterase inhibitors – lower risk of heart attack and death in Alzheimer’s disease patients

The group of drugs used in Alzheimer’s disease therapy are cholinesterase inhibitor(ChEI). It turns out that their influence on cranial nerve X and anti-inflammatory action may be useful in prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases. Authors of a research published in European Heart Journal have shown that ChEI intake may significantly decrease the risk heart attack and death. Read full text »

Can New Blood Test Predict Heart Attacks?

Written for Physician’s Weekly.

A new blood test may predict patients at risk of an imminent heart attack. Researchers have discovered mutated circulating endothelial cells (CECs) that are released into the bloodstream days before the formation of a clot. A blood test may be used to identify this particular cell type up to 2 weeks before the heart attack is likely to occur. Continue reading