A novel gene associated with depression identified

Scientists identified a new gene associated with major depression. A study published in the journal Neuron on 28 April suggests that there is a mechanism so far not understood, which is at the ground of depression pathogenesis. This discovery may revolutionise treatment methods of mood disorders. Read full text »

A case of major depression cured by pioneering methods of psychosurgery.

Sheila Cook, a 62-year old grandmother, has been suffering from deep depression for more than ten years (1). She underwent many courses of antidepressants, as well as electric shock therapy (ECT) in attempt to improve her distress and disability. But the disease seemed to be resistant to any forms of psychiatric help. When scientists from Bristol had offered Mrs. Cook a completely novel and radical treatment, she didn’t suspect that her life would change that much. British woman is the first patient to benefit from the most advanced method of stereotactic ablative neurosurgery. Read full text »