Cholinesterase inhibitors – lower risk of heart attack and death in Alzheimer’s disease patients

The group of drugs used in Alzheimer’s disease therapy are cholinesterase inhibitor(ChEI). It turns out that their influence on cranial nerve X and anti-inflammatory action may be useful in prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases. Authors of a research published in European Heart Journal have shown that ChEI intake may significantly decrease the risk heart attack and death. Read full text »

Dental X-rays – do they provoke Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease remains a mystery to the researchers. Scientists are doing their utmost, by analyzing the disease from the perspective of biochemistry, the potential impact of the environment or the education of patients. Their studies are extremely important, as the understanding of the pathogenesis of this complex disease might expand treatment options, perhaps prolong the lives of patients or at least improve it’s quality. Lately a new suspect has been introduced – dental X-rays. Read full text »