Jerzy Bednarski MD – editor in chief

Doctor, a graduate of Medical University of Lublin. The author of many papers published both in Polish and international magazines. A member of associations and institutions supporting the medical community. A keen photographer. Active, creative and trustworthy.

Karolina Kłoda MD, PhD

A graduate of doctoral studies at Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin and postgraduate studies in Public Health. Doctor of Philosophy. Professionally deals with family medicine. Devotes her free time to her passion – dances of the Far East.

Łukasz Durajski MD

Graduate fifth-year student of Jagiellonian University Medical College, Faculty of Medicine in Kraków. Since 2007 he has been an active member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations in Poland and a member of Students’ Scientific Organization of Cardiac Surgery in Kraków. Is also a member of the Polish Cardiac Society. Spends his free time reading fantasy.

Mateusz Spałek MD

Graduate of Faculty of Medicine in Zabrze at Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. The participant of many medical conferences, member of a few Students’ Scientific Societies and the chairman of Students’ Scientific Society of Pathology in Zabrze. Is keen on culture, art, poetry and modern technologies. Loves cooking and reading books. Extends his activity as an active member of the IFMSA-Poland. An advocate for human rights and equality. Rationalist, humanist and an opponent of pseudoscience.

Radoslaw Rippel

Medical student at the University College London. Radek is currently doing an intercalated BSc in Surgery and Anaesthesia at the Imperial College London. An active member of local surgical society through organisation of events such as The National Undergraduate General Surgery Conference (www.nugsc.com). As a researcher, he is involved in work on applications of nanotechnology, tissue engineering and technology in surgery. His main interests focus on cardiothoracic surgery and use of robotics for facilitation of surgical performance.

Aleksandra Berkan

Student of Faculty of Medicine at Medical University of Łódź, active member of International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations IFMSA-Poland since 2008. Erasmus scholarship holder in France, participated in many professional internships in The Netherlands, Canada and Spain among others. Interested in medicine, infectious diseases and oncology in particular. Translator, admires travelling, French culture, good cuisine and languages, Romanic above all.

Maria Bilińska

A student of dentistry at Medical University of Łódź. Interested in periodontology, orthodontics, and “cosmetic” dentistry. Because of her passion for foreign languages she often reads English-language literature. Her interests include art nouveau style, classical music, travelling and winter sports. In her spare time plays the violin and reads the works of contemporary Polish writers.

Natalia Neumann

Comes from Gdynia, is a student of Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Tries to combine her passions: medicine, creative work and journalism. Is primarily interested in paediatrics, genetics and neonatology. For years has been delighted by contemporary dance and jazz music. Is fascinated with travelling and learning foreign languages. Dreams of checking herself on holiday apprenticeship in some African countries.

Anna Rej

PhD student at the Faculty of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Department of Gynecology, Perinatology and Neonatology in Zabrze. In 2011 graduated Master’s degree in Public Health. A graduate of inter-graduate ‘Organization and management in health care’. Object of interest is obesity in children.

Sandra Kryska

PhD student at the Faculty of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. Graduate Master’s degree in Public Health and the inter-graduate in management in health care. Scientific interest in the subject of eating disorders and mood in adolescents.

Mateusz Grajek

Master of Public Health (with specialization in epidemiology and biostatistics) and biotechnology, PhD student at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. He is interested in social epidemiology and environmental health determinants.

Maja Sołtysik

A graduate of physiotherapy at Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. Scientific interest in issue related to rehabilitation and orthopedics. Her motto is that the conscious patient cooperation is essential to achieve the intended purpose of improving. Privately admirer of the cinema of moral anxiety, especially Krzysztof Kieslowski`s creativeness.

Magdalena Chorążka

Student of Faculty of Medicine of Warsaw Medical University. On 4th year as Erasmus at the Hamburg University. A member of Student Research Team by Department of Histology. Interested in pediatrics, clinical immunology, dermatology and lifestyle diseases.

Aneta Piotrowska

Student of medicine at Jagiellonian University Medical College. Member of Pediatric surgery Students Scientific Society and few others Students Scientific Societies. Object of her interest is surgery, especially with little ones- pediatric. She spent one year on Erasmus exchange in Belgium. She is multi interested type of person.

Martyna Pyka

A student of the Medical University of Silesia. Member of the Student Scientific Group by the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases. Interested in cardiology, gynecology and surgical specialties.


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