International Conference of Natural and Medical Sciences, Young Scientists, PhD Students and Students

Conference combined with training workshops will be held on December 1st, 2017 to December 3rd, 2017 in Lublin. Presentations of the participants’ work will be shown during the Conference. Also, interesting and free trainings as well as integration party will be held. Read full text »

Innovative balloon catheter and air embolisms during neurosurgical procedures – can they be prevented?

Woman prepared for a plastic surgeryNeurosurgical procedures concerning rear down part of the skull and neck part of the spine performed while the patient is sitting, bring the risk of air embolisms oscillating between 7-76% depending on examination and method of detection. Scientists from University Hospital Tübingen conduced in vitro and in vivo research and they proved that a balloon catheter which is placed in internal jugular vein is a new alternative technique to prevent this complication. Read full text »

3D model of the brain – a new hope in neurology

Brain Specimen and StethoscopeMore exact knowledge about secrets of the human brain is the aim of research of many scientific teams. There are many obstacles such as complicated structure of this organ and limitations in in vitro analysis of human brain physiognomy.

So far, in order to investigate functions of neurons scientists grew them on Petri dishes. However, complicated structure of the brain tissue, which is built of separate regions of the white and grey matter, cannot be imitated with the use of current, two-dimensional model.

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Cells of smell – a chance for the paralyzed to recover

iStock_000016507590XSmallThe diagnosis ” damaged spinal cord ” is a kind of sentence for several hundred of Poles every year. Most of damage or interruption of the spinal cord occur as a result of road accidents, unfortunate jumping into the water or brutal beatings. Current prognoses of healing and return to complete fitness were not optimistic. Despite of researchers’ efforts and possibilities of modern medicine the solution to the problem has not been found yet. The damage of central nervous system cells was supposed to be irreversible. Read full text »

Gamma Knife in neurooncology

Radiosurgical Gamma Knife is a device used to treat benign and malignant brain tumors as well as some of the other diseases of the nervous system. Gamma Knife (also known as the Leksell Gamma Knife-from the name of one of the originators) was invented in Sweden in the 60s. The principle of the intervention is to deliver a high dose of cobalt radiation concentrated in a small area. Read full text »

Brain surgery – a cure for obesity?

Overweight and obesity have become a very big problem over the last two decades. This problem is so significant that the experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) have qualified the obesity as the civilisation disease of the 21st century [1].

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