Skin in spray for leg ulcers

Chronic venous leg ulcers are becoming more prevalent, but the standard treatment heals only approximately half of lesions (1). What to do when the small vessels are damaged and the tissue inflammation is hard to stop? American scientists believe in the cell therapy. Their long-standing research resulted in the study (2) of spray-applied human allogeneic fibroblasts and keratinocytes. The paper was published in the August issue of the Lancet. The researchers avoided expensive tissue engineering and still achieved therapeutic success. Soon the greater circle of patients might benefit from this new method. Read full text »

Will the pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) put an end to the reign of HIV?

In 1983 in Paris, a virus was isolated. To this day it fills physicians and the public with fear. This small organic molecule has the power of progressive destruction of the body and, consequently, deprival of life. Will the pre –exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)- so keenly supported by the specialists from the Antiviral Drugs Advisory Committee – be accepted by the strict FDA committee? Read full text »

Fibrodysplasia – mysterious ossification

Fibrydysplasia (FOP) is a rare genetic disorder, in which the organism products extra bones in places where they should not develop. These bones are produced within the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues. They cause ossification in various places hindering the normal functioning of the person. Read full text »

Epidermodysplasia verruciformis – how much do we know about it?

Papillomavirus, a tree-like man, hares with horns… What connects these concepts? This is probably Lewandowsky – Lutz dysplasia. Probably because little is known about the disease for the time being. We know how does it look, we suppose what it’s etiology is and the treatment is limited to cosmetic procedures. This paper aims to garner the known facts about this surprising disease entity. Read full text »