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Permanent Epicardial Pace Maker Insertion and...

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Severe LV dilatation and LV dysfunction and PPM epicardial fixation for the same patient in order to increase LVEF and LV size reduction woth polypropylene mesh fixation.

Patient with Pericardial Mass Compressing RA

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Patient with Mass in adjacency of SVC and IVC and PVS undergone complete resection and reconstruction of site with bovine pericardial patch.

Papillary Muscle Tumor Undergone Resection with...

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Patient with DOE and chest pain in TTE as well as TEE presence of SOL in papillary muscle confirmed as well as cardiac MR undergone Sternotomy and under cardiopulmonary bypass and cardioplegia LA opened...

Simultaneous Heart and Liver Harvest with Just...

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Novel technique of simultaneous heart and liver harvest with just one retrograde cardioplegia. This technique was officially reported by our group in IUMS rasool akram TPM department.

Patient with Multiple Systemic Embolism and MV...

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Clinical video case: MVR in patient with GCS 5 and PLT 50000 and multiple systemic embolism after sternotomy and CPB and CC via interatrial groove valve replacement done. With good post operative course...

Patient with Post Neck Radiation Innominate Artery...

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In this video i show you how to repair arch in the post radiation phase without usage of CPB simply and impediment of brain ischemic damage and ongoing bleeding.

Patient with RA Mass and Invasion to RV Undergone...

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Patient with RA mass and invasion to RV undergone resection and reconstruction with pericardial patch and good post operative course.

Aorto Mitral Continuity Reconstruction with Bovine...

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Clinical video case: aorto mitral continuity reconstruction with bovine pericardial patch and replacement mitral and aortic valve simultaneously.

Extensive Tumor Resection with Direct Invasion...

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Video case: extensive tumor resection with direct invasion from LT lower lobe of lung to  LV apex an circumferential PE.

Treatment of Patient with ALCAPA or Left Main...

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Clinical video case: in this new born be performed cutting down LMT from PA and LIMA to LAD anastomoses in patient with ALCAPA syndrome good post op course.