Zeraatian nejad davani

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How to Perform Complete Laryngeal Resection with...

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Surgical video: Zeraatian's technique after femoral cannulation perform endotracheal intubation with armor tube sternotomy and resection of tumor simultaneously CABG beating arch and thoracic outlet dissection...

Pulmonary Artery Endarterectomy in Patient with...

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Video case: this is my novel technique in pulmonary endarterectomy using Zeraatian's line of surgery and hand made ecartor made for this purpose, I named it Davani's ecartor, as you can see within the...

Redo RCA Operation in Bleeding of Bental

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Video case: redo RCA control in bleeding from previous Bental.

Patient with Stab Caused IPV Injury

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Video case: intrapericardial IPV control for stab caused IPV injury.

Patient with Complex Aortic Insufficiency and...

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Cardiac surgery video case: novel technique of LAA closure and simultaneous aortic valve repair.

How to Perform Lower Extremity AV Fistula with...

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In this video learn how to perform lower extremity AV fistula for dialysis when femoral artery and illiac artery calcified.

Patient with Dual Papillary Muscle Avulsion

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Surgical video case: patient with papillary muscle avulsion undergone reimplantation and MUF.

Patient with LA Roof Tumor Undergone Off Pump...

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In this video I show you how to mobilise and resect intrapericardial tumors between RPA and LA roof with beating heart and without usage of CP.

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