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Laparoscopic Lymph Node Dissection in Supine...

Leonardo Romeo

Specialty:  Urology
views: 868 comments: 1

Different approaches had been proposed to treat retroperitoneal lymph nodes. In selected cases, the laparoscopic supine technique stands as a unique alternative mainly for interaortocava disease. On the...


Carlo Negro

Specialty:  Urology
views: 701 comments: 0

Urology video case: en-bloc greenlight HPS 120 w prostate enucleation.

RIRS with Laser Lithotripsy of Obstructing Stone...

Ahmed Zaghloul

Specialty:  Urology
views: 6145 comments: 0

 In this case you will see RIRS with laser lithotripsy of obstructing stone of lower moeity in bifid pelvis. 

Organ Sparing Surgery for a Tumor of the Sole...

views: 1212 comments: 0

Surgical video case: reoperation of tumor resection on inferior pole of remaining right kidney due to cell carcinoma. 33mm tumor protuding to kidney outline. Classsical open lumbar oblique technique....

Right Partial Nephrectomy No Ischemia

Gustavo Duran

Specialty:  Urology
views: 3547 comments: 0

Surgical tips & tricks in partial nephrectomy. Easy mode.

Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy

Omar Hnaidi

Specialty:  Urology
views: 4665 comments: 1

Urologic surgical video case: laparoscopic varicocelectomy. 

Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy

Marcin Słojewski

Specialty:  Urology
views: 3798 comments: 0

The technique of laparoscopic transperitonal partial nephrectomy is presented. The procedure was performed with warm ischemia after selective clamping of renal artery. Special attention should be payed...

Retrocaval Ureter: Laparoscopic Transpositioning...

Shahzad Alam Shah

Specialty:  Urology
views: 5975 comments: 0

Retrocaval ureter is a rare entity that result in various degree of hydro nephrosis and damage the kidney. In this video the laparoscopic transpositioning of right sided retrocaval ureter is done that...

Laparoscopic Radical Cistectomy

views: 8957 comments: 1

This video shows a complete laparoscopic cistectomy whith external neobladder and laparoscopic anastomosis.

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