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Laparoscopic left splenopancreatectomy

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Pseudopapillary solid tumor of the tail of the pancreas.  

Robotic Thymectomy for a 6cm Thymoma

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60 year old lady with generalised myasthenia gravis was found to have a 6.6cm thymoma on CT imaging. She was treated with intravenous immunoglobulin and then taken for surgery. The Da VinciXi robotic...

Shoulder Disarticulation for Sarcoma of Shoulder

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Step-wise description of shoulder disarticulation. A shoulder disarticulation procedure is the surgical separation of the entire arm from the shoulder joint. In this surgery the humerus and the entire...

Oral Cancer ( Answering 7 Questions on Oral Cancer)

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Dr.Vipin Goel talks about Oral Cancer, Risk factors, Symptoms of oral cancer, Diagnosis, Stages of oral cancer and Treatment.

Breast Cancer (Answering 8 Questions on Breast...

Dr Vipin Goel

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How to prevent BreastCancer. Awareness about Breast cancer - Symptoms, stages, diagnosis, treatment and about breast self examination.

Submucosal Mass

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A 43 year-old Salvadorean female living in the republic of Belize for more than 20 years. weight loss of more than 40 pounds and anemia with 9.2 gr./dl Physical examination found a palpable mass at...

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