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Simultaneous Heart and Liver Tumor Removal

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Video case: patient with primary liver malignancy and extension to IVC undergone tumor excision from IVC reconstruction of IVC and hepatic reconstruction.

Extensive Simultaneous Neck and Mediastinal Exploration...

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Another video case with from Professor Zeraatiannejaddavani about how to dissect neck vessels up to arch til complete evacuation of tumor and preservation of vessels. 

Pulmonary Artery Endarterectomy in Patient with...

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Video case: this is my novel technique in pulmonary endarterectomy using Zeraatian's line of surgery and hand made ecartor made for this purpose, I named it Davani's ecartor, as you can see within the...

Patient with Extensive Type B Aortic Dissection...

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In this interesting video I show you how to perform mesenteric debranching from zone zero ascending aorta to SMA and Celiac Axis trans diaphragmatic.

Redo Arch Operation and PVL Control

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Video case: aortic arch and PVL control with redo operation extra pericardial technique of Zeraatian. 

Lung Procurement for Transplantation

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Surgical video: basic principles for correct lung transplantation and procurement. Performed by Dr. Sam Zeraatiannejaddavani, attending professor of IUMS.

LV Aneurysm Repair and Size Reduction with Zeraatiannejaddavani's...

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In this video we show you how to plicate LV aneurysm without opening LV cavity and simultaneously approximate papillary muscles. 

Patient with Diffuse RVOTO Undergone Autologous...

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One type of PS is PS with intact IVS in this case with DOE and confirmation of three points obstruction in RVOT relief of symptoms gained by patch and RV preserving RVOT enlargement.

Patient with Complex Aortic Insufficiency and...

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Cardiac surgery video case: novel technique of LAA closure and simultaneous aortic valve repair.

Superior Vena Caval Syndrome SVC Reconstruction...

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Patient with SVCS undergone SVC reconstruction with tubular graft and anastomoses from skull base to RA.

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