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Pedunculated Polyp in Colon - Loop Ligation...

Gottumukkala Raju

Video presents a case of a large pedunculated polyp in sigmoid colon which is difficult to resect. Loop ligation can be technically challenging. A long cap (band ligation cap without the bands) fitted...

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Giant Pedunculated Polyp in Sigmoid Colon

Gottumukkala Raju

This is a case of a large pedunculated polyp with a thick stalk in the sigmoid colon. Epinephrine volume reduction was attempted with modest reduction in size. Snare resection exposed a thick vascular...

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Transverse Colon - Failed Resection of Large...

Gottumukkala Raju

Video presents a case of failed resection of large flat lesion. Prior incomplete snare resections cause tethering of the lesion to the underlying wall and prevent successful EMR as we were unable to lift...

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Transverse colon - Flat lesion

Gottumukkala Raju

Video presents a case of middle aged man with multiple large flat lesions. A cap fitted colonoscope was used to perform procedure. First injection did not lift the lesion. Second injection resulted in...

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Large Linear Flat Lesion on Ileocecal Valve

Gottumukkala Raju

Video presents a large linear flat lesion noticed during colonoscopy in an elderly patient. No biopsies were done; the patient was referred for EMR. Snare resection followed by APC and clip closure were...

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Robotic Myomectomy for a Large Myoma

Neena Agarwala

Robotic suturing for myomectomy.

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Endometriosis Excision

Neena Agarwala

Deep infiltrating endometriosis resection.

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EMFR of Large Flat Lesion in Rectum

Gottumukkala Raju

Video presents a case of middle aged man with a large flat lesion in the rectum found on screening; referred to colorectal surgeon; planned for a laparotomy and colon resection; took a second opinion...

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Incidental Finding of Double Ureter

Kenneth Levey

Incidental Finding of Double Ureter during Endometriosis Resection.

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First Rib Resection for Paget-Schroetter...

Paget-Schroetter syndrome, caused by subclavial vein thrombosis, belongs to thoracic outlet syndrome. Common symptomes caused by this anomaly are pain, swelling and cyanosis, usually involving whole upper...

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Serrated Cecal Polyps

Rajesh Keswani

This video highlights the subtlety and multiplicity of serrated lesions in the right colon. Furthermore, they can be difficult to resect due to their indistinct borders and flat nature. Saline injection...

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Reconstruction After Pancreatoduodenal Resection...

Andrew Shcuryac

Control endoscopy after PDR Whipple type whith: gastroentero- and enteroenterostomy. Essential reflux gastritis is observed, but stomies are permeable whithout inflamation and stenosis (courtesly of prof....

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Colonoscopy: EMR of a Flat Lesion in Cecum...

Gottumukkala Raju

This video presents a case of a middle aged man who had undergone rectal cancer surgery was referred for EMR of a cecal lesion. In this case, adult colonoscope was exchanged to a pediatric colonoscope...

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Colonoscopy - Sigmoid Colon EMR in a Patient...

Gottumukkala Raju

The following video details a case of a middle aged wonam, who had prior unsuccessful resection of a large sigmoid colon polyp. She was referred for surgery, however, she opted for an endoscopic resection...

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Colonoscopy - Sigmoid Colon Giant Polyp...

Gottumukkala Raju

Video presented above details a colonoscopy of a middle aged woman with a large pedunculated polyp in the sigmoid colon. The head of the polip was obstructing the lumen. Also, the patient had many comorbidities,...

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B Piecemeal Resection

Gottumukkala Raju

The following video presents a footage of a piecemeal snare resection of a polyp located in the colon.

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Subtle Flat Lesion EMR Resection

Gottumukkala Raju

Here, you can see a short video presenting a snare resection of a polyp located in the colon. Before the resection, the lesion was injected with a Indigo Carmine solution.

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Subtle Flat Lesion EMR

Gottumukkala Raju

This short clip shows a subtle, easy to miss, flat lesion located in the colon.

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Cecum - Flat Lesion - EMR Steps: Injection-Resection-APC

Gottumukkala Raju

This video shows a detailed steps of the endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR). Especially focused on injection, resection of lesion and argon plasma coagulation (APC).

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Ileocecal Valve - Polyp - Failed Resection

Gottumukkala Raju

This video shows a large polyp involving the entire ileocecal valve and could not identify the orifice. Resection was deferred because of inability to cut it completely.

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Colonoscopy - LST NG Tumor - Difficult Resection

Gottumukkala Raju

LST-NG tumors are often difficult to resect, as they tend to have submucosal fibrosis. Also, it is vital to remove all of the lesion as such tumors are at high risk of harboring cancer. Here is a video...

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Thoracoscopic Resection Of Oesophageal Traction...

Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons

This video shows thoracoscopic resection of oesophageal traction diverticulum in the sub-azygous region. Video by Alfred Cushieri, J. Jakimowicz, MD; F. Smulders, MD

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Colonoscopy: Ascending Colon Polyp Resection

Gottumukkala Raju

A case of a patient with large sessile lesion in the proximal ascending colon. The lesion had surface pit pattern and vascular pattern which are typical for benign polyps. The lesion was excised via...

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Colonoscopy: Snare Tip Cautery to Anchor...

Gottumukkala Raju

Lesion: Sessile serrated adenoma. Some times the snare keeps on slipping and prevents en-bloc resection. One can go for piecemeal resection in that case. Or, one could consider anchoring the snare tip...

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Colonoscopy: Sigmoid Colon Polyp EMR

Gottumukkala Raju

The following video presents endoscopic mucosal resection for polyp in the sigmoid colon. The APC was used to prevent recurrence of the lesion and clip closure was performed to prevent delayed bleeding

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Laparoscopic Resection of a Large Gastric...

Lucian Mocan

We present a laproscopic resection of a large GIST lesion (7/8 cm) located onto the lesser curvature of the stomach performed by Dr. Mocan Lucian at 3-rd Surgery Clinic Cluj Napoca. The postoperative...

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Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery

Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists

This video is an actual arthroscopic examination with resection of joint pathology (removal of damaged cartilage and bone).

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Laparoscopic Nerve Sparing Bowel Resection...

Malzoni Group

AAGL is pleased to present the following video highlights from the recently completed 44th AAGL Global Congress in Las Vegas. These highlights are just a glimpse of the hundreds of hours of video from...

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Colonoscopy: Giant Sigmoid Colon Polyp Resection

Gottumukkala Raju

A giant sigmiod colon polyp was referred for resection as an alternative to surgery During procedure multiple steps were involved: 1. Epinephrine volume reduction (inject epinephrine into the head and...

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Colonoscopy: Rectosigmoid Giant Polyp Resection

Gottumukkala Raju

Middle aged patient was referred for endoscopic resection as an alternative to surgery. In his rectosigmoid colon a polyp with 5-6 cm head and a broad 2-3 cm stalk was found. The lesion was resected with...

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Diaphragm Resection and Reconstruction through...

Diego Gonzalez-Rivas

Lung cancer involving diaphragm requieres diaphragmatic resection which necessitates reconstruction to avoid respiratory compromise or the displacement of abdominal contents into the chest. Often the...

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Uniportal VATS Left Upper Lobectomy and...

Diego Gonzalez-Rivas

This video shows a left upper lobe lung cancer with chest wall involvement. A left upper lobectomy and en bloc chest wall resection was performed through a single incision thoracoscopic approach.

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Uniportal VATS Lobectomy and Chest Wall...

Diego Gonzalez-Rivas

Left upper lobe Lung cancer involving chest wall with good response after chemotherapy. The patient was proposed for single incision VATS lobectomy and chest wall resection by posterior incision. The...

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Uniportal VATS Resection of Mediastinal...

Diego Gonzalez-Rivas

Thoracoscopic resection of anterior mediastinal mass, through a single 2 cm incision on the right side. Total surgical time was 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Here we show the surgery with no edition The case...

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En Bloc Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy, Left...

Petar Gribnev

Introduction: The authors report a clinical case operated for substenotic sigmoid colon tumor, discovered perioperatively locally advanced because adhering to a small bowel loop, urinary bladder dome,...

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