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Returning to Operations after COVID-19

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The video contains webinar about returning to operations after COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is A Cataract And How Does It Affect My...

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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In this video we can see how cataract comes into being, people with cataract see the world and how is possibly to remove the vision. This video was created by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and...

Bubble Trouble In DALK

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Video by Mohd Shahbaaz In this video we can see the big bubble makes DALK (Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty) easy but if the bubble leaks in ac it give immense pressure as we think it has rupture the...

Eyelid Surgery - Dr. H. Aral - Targeted Eyelash...

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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Video by: Dr H. Aral This video shows a new technique which enables the surgeon to excise the lash with its follicle to prevent regrowth in a single movement. The procedure does not need any preparation,...

Fornix Reconstruction for Late Stage Chemical...

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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Videos edited by:
Scheffer C.G. Tseng, MD, PhD
Hosam Sheha, MD, PhD
Ahmad Kheirkhah, MD
Antonio Elizondo, MD
Victoria Casas, MD This video shows a fornix reconstruction procedure for a patient with severe...

Video To Illustrate Eye Socket Reconstruction...

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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Video by Netcells. Operation was made by Prof. Paul Roux and the staff at the Pretoria Eye Institute. This video shows eye socket reconstruction.

Socket Reconstruction With Mucous Membrane Graft...

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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Video by Prof. Ibrar Hussain. In this video we can see socket reconstruction with mucous membrane graft which we can see step by step.

How To Suture Efficiently In Ophthalmology?

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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This video demonstrates how to suture efficiently in ophthalmology. Key concepts to passing the needle: "Drive, Push and Grab (Pull)" 1. Drive needle into cornea 2. Push needle through cornea...

Banana In The Eye

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
views: 3821 comments: 0

This video shows a lamellar crescent shaped corneal patch graft for a perforated peripheral corneal ulcer in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. Video by Surgeon: Avi Solomon, M.D.

Umbilical Hernia Repair Video

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The video presents painless surgical repair of umbilical hernia.

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