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Your Thyroid Gland must be Complete with Intact...

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Surgical video case: at the end of total thyroidectomy, Your thyroid gland must be complete with an intact capsule with no parathyroid tissues on its posterior surface. 

Where to Apply Your Clip or Ligature in Lap Cholecystectomy

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In some cases of Lap Chole you may find difficulty to determine exactly where to apply your distal clip or ligature on the cystic duct as in this video, what's the sharp landmark for your exact site to...

Uterine Manipulator

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The uterine manipulator will delineate your colpotomy site even in difficult cases to complete your hysterectomy during TLH. 

Traction Not Essentially on the Fundus

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In huge distended GB traction on the fundus can be displaced to be on the body to achieve a suitable view of the porta hepatis.

To Apply Your Clip or Ligature Snugged with CBD...

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Video case: 11 yrs old boy with symptomatic gallstones without haemolytic diseases. On doing lap chole is it better to apply your clip or ligature snugged with CBD or to leave a short cystic duct stump?...

Thyroidectomy Injury

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Surgical video case: on doing thyroidectomy injury to the external laryngeal nerve can be avoided by dividing the superior thyroid vessels close to the upper pole. It is not essential to visualize the...

Test for Patency of the Cystic Duct and CBD

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Small stones, gravels, mud, or white bile if encountered on the division of the cystic duct, I do this maneuver. What's your opinion my dear professors? 

Take Care it is a Caterpillar Hump

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During Lap Chole is it common to see the Caterpillar hump of Rt hepatic artery?    

Stone in Cystic Duct Diverticulum in 7 yrs Old...

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Surgical video case: cystic duct stones are commonly encountered nowadays by me. This 7 yrs old boy with gallstones had a cystic duct stone inside a diverticulum. It is better to put your clip or ligature...

Single Instrument Intracorporeal Knot or Shalaby...

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Surgical video case: single instrument intracorporeal knot or Shalaby Ismail Knot in congenital hernia repair for an infant 11 months old.