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Crohn´s Disease (1 of 28)

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(Regional Enteritis, Granulomatous Colitis). This sequence display severe endoscopic lesions. A 42 year-old Salvadorian woman, that has been living in The United States of America for more than 20...

Endoscopic Image of Amebiasis Colitis

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Infection of the large intestine by Entamoeba histolytica may result in an illness of variable severity, ranging from mild, chronic diarrhea to fulminant dysentery. Infection also may be asymptomatic....

Rectal Amebiasis (2 of 2)

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Same case as above, retroflexed maneuver.

Rectal Amebiasis (1 of 2)

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A 45 year-old female, with rectal bleeding with dark red color, two ulcers are observed “flask shaped” ulcer.

Amebic Colitis

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Depending on the affected organ, the clinical manifestations of amebiasis are intestinal or extraintestinal. There are four clinical forms of invasive intestinal amebiasis, all of which are generally...

Large Ulcerative Lesion with Marginal Elevation

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Ameboma. Shows a large ulcerative lesion with marginal elevation The formation of a mass lesion at sigmoid colon. It is essential that these could not be misdiagnossed as inflamatory bowel disease...

Flask Shaped Ulcer

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The classic “flask shaped” ulcer in a patient with amebic colitis. See the next image and video clip to appreciate another lesion in the same person.

Amebic Colitis 3

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Ulcers with slightly undermined edges are seen in this image of colonic amebiasis. The motile form of E. histolytica, the trophozoite, lives in the lumen of the large intestine, where it multiplies...

Amebic Colitis 2

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The typical ulcers and redness are seen. Invasive amebiasis due to E. histolytica is more common in developing countries. In areas of endemic infection, a variety of conditions including ignorance,...

Invasive amebiasis and ameboma formation (4 of...

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Histologic examination of the biopsies specimen confirmed the diagnosis of cecal ameboma. Biopsy specimens obtained from the ulcerative lesion in the revealed a number of amebic organisms, trophozoites....

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