Foley catheter

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Endometrioma Cystectomy With the Help of Foley...

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ENDOMETRIOMA CYSTECTOMY WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF FOLEY PROBE The Foley catheter has multiple applications in obstetrics and gynecology, all of great practical value and more in emergency situations. We...

A Transurethral Technique For Deflation Of Nondeflating...

Divakar Dalela

Specialty:  Urology
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This video demonstrates a trans-urethral technique, called Harpoon technique, for deflation of non deflating balloon of Foley catheter in an adult male. This technique is to be used by urologists skilled...

Rectocele Repair - Transvaginal Technique with...

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This video describes a rectocele repair by a transvaginal approach. The patient is a 71 year-old female with a large symptomatic rectocele. For the purpose of a transvaginal repair the patient is placed...

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