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Medical Emergencies In Dental Practice

Specialty:  Other
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Any dental professional can encounter an emergency during the course of their treatment. Every Dental specialist should have the knowledge to identify and manage a potentially life-threatening situation....

Pulmonary Emergencies | The National EM Board...

Specialty:  Pulmonology
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Pulmonary Emergencies by Stuart Swadron, MD. Topics covered: asthma, COPD, pneumonia.

Application of TachoSil® Sealant Matrix in Durotomy...

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This video case shows management of postoperative leakage of cerebrospinal fluid into the surgical bed to avoid complications like post-puncture symptoms, wound infections, meningitis, etc. Key techniques...

Management of Obstructing Colorectal Cancer

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Presented by Andrew J. Russ at the "SAGES/AAST/ASCRS/SSAT Acute Care Symposium: Are you a Good Acute Care Surgeon? Improving outcomes and Reducing Hospital Mortality" session during the SAGES...

GI Emergencies in Patients With Large Ventral...

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Presented by Ajita S. Prabhu at the "SAGES/AAST/ASCRS/SSAT Acute Care Symposium: Are you a Good Acute Care Surgeon? Improving outcomes and Reducing Hospital Mortality" session during the SAGES...

Tumour Lysis Syndrome (Tumor Lysis Syndrome)...

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Tumour Lysis Syndrome is caused when tumour cells release their intracellular content into the bloodstream, either spontaneously or as a result of treatment leading to increased DNA - purine and pyrimidine,...

Spinal Cord Compression - Medical Emergency,...

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Spinal cord compression more specifically metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) is one of the ominous causes of back pain where there is a compression of the thecal sac and its components by tumour...

Removing a Foreign Body from a Child's Forehead

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In this video we demonstrate how to remove a metal rod impaled in the forehead and subgaleal tissues of a two year girl's scalp.

Ready for Anything: Critical Care Emergency Preparedness...

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Medical Doctor Jay Doucet ensures how ICU can be ready for disaster or mass casualty event. He describes what is an ICU disaster event, what problems occur in overall managing, and how can staff more...

Trauma Day Away 2013 - CHET

Specialty:  Traumatology
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Video shows lecture on Children's Hospital Emergency Transport (CHET). Workshop is a part of Trauma Day Away 2013. Video by: Elizabeth Kantor, RN Manager: PICU CHET Team Rady Children's Hospital San...

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