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EMR of Periappendiceal Lesion after Partial Circumferential...

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Endoscopic video case: polyp located close to appendiceal orifice. Minding quite thin wall of the ceacum after proper lifting lateral incision was made to facilitate ensnaring the lesion. Clips applied...

Endoscopic Polypectomy

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Endoscopic polypectomy. Large sessile polyp.

Colonoscopy: IC valve LST-G EMR + Hot Biopsy...

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The video shows EMR (endoscopic mucosal resection) of ileocecal valve LST-G tumor combined with hot biopsy avulsion and followed by APC (argon plasma coagulation). The procedure is ended with clips application.

Lap Tubectomy with Filshie Clips

Rajesh Modi

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Laparoscopic tubectomy with filshie clips.

Colonoscopy Channel - Control Of Immediate Bleeding...

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We can distinguish two kinds of bleeding after polypectomy - immediate and delayed (even a few days after the procedure). This video shows an example of bleeding occurring immediately after the removal...

The Renal Hilum - The Use Of Polymer Clips

European Urology

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The following video presents the use of polymer (hem-o-lok) clips for management of the renal hilum. Control of the renal pedicle is the most challenging step during laparoscopic nephrectomy. The standard...

Multilobulated Gastric Polyp (10 of 20)

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Being removed with a snare around its large stalk. A rapid cut current was applied to prevent burning at the clip site. In the video clip, note the traction used to avoid transmural injuries.

Multilobulated Gastric Polyp (9 of 20)

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Metallic hemoclips have been endoscopically placed in the gastrointestinal tract for the treatment of bleeding lesions and closure of perforation. A further potential application is the ligation of...

Multilobulated Gastric Polyp (7 of 20)

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Endoscopic clip ligation of polyp stalk to prevent bleeding after snare polypectomy.

Multilobulated Gastric Polyp (6 of 20)

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Application of hemoclips. Resection of a pedunculated polyp with prophylactic hemoclips. A: pedunculated polyp and thick pedicle. hemoclips have been used prophylactically for thick-pedicle polyps...