Vascular Complications After Kidney Transplantation

Abstract: Vascular complications remain the major surgical concern after kidney transplantation. They particularly include renal artery thrombosis, transplant renal artery stenosis, renal vein thrombosis, transplant renal artery kinking and arterial injury. Although being uncommon, they may lead to serious consequences including renal transplant dysfunction and allograft loss. Precise diagnosis and treatment of such conditions are crucial for graft and patient survival. Therapeutic options include both surgical and interventional radiologic methods. The risk of vascular complications in renal transplant recipient can be minimized with careful transplantation technique. Understanding of etiological factors of may lead to their elimination in the future, resulting in better outcomes of kidney transplantation procedures.


Monika Bieniasz, Piotr Kwietniak, Magdalena Kwapisz, Sandra Dzwonkowska, Rafal Kieszek

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