Uterus Transplantation As A New Method In Uterine – Factor Infertility (UFI)

Abstract: Approximately 0.2 % of women suffer from absolute uterine infertility. There used to be no existing treatment for this condition. However, up till now, a total of sixteen cases of human uterus transplantation have been reported worldwide. It seems that the procedure is to become the method of choice in the treatment of women with UFI. We introduce a review which summarizes current experience in this field, with long-term patient analysis included. It also covers such important issues as potential risks for both involved parties and immunosuppressive therapy during pregnancy


Ewelina Mabiala, Olga Kamińska, Małgorzata Szczepanowska, Joanna Kacperczyk, Agnieszka Dobrowolska-Redo, Monika Bieniasz, Julia Zaręba-Szczudlik, Aneta Malinowska-Polubiec, Ewa Romejko-Wolniewicz

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