The use of a vascular laser KTP – Cutera Excel V in the treatment of vascular changes in the course of rosacea – a case report

Abstract: The Rosacea is a chronic skin disease with an inflammatory nature. It is estimated that this disorder affects women to a greater extent, but it is significantly more severe in men. The Rosacea is predisposed to bright skin with phototype I and II. Symptoms of the disease occur most often in people between 30 and 50 years old. Read full text »

Fluorescence – guided surgery – concept and current applications

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to describe current clinical application of fluorescence in image-guided surgery. First clinical application of NIR fluorescence in surgery was sentinel lymph node mapping. Its use can be beneficial in all fields of medical practice. In surgery it can be used to visualize in real-time structures that need to be resected or retained during operation. Read full text »

Ophthalmological diseases in pregnancy and their impact on choosing the delivery method – review

Abstract: During pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes many physiological changes, also such that can cause progression of existing pathologies. A decrease in intraocular pressure and enhanced humor aqueous circulation can improve the course of diseases as pre-conceptional glaucoma, which might even result in reduced dosage of medications. Read full text »

Determinative factors in induction of labour in obese women

Abstract: According to the WHO, obesity is one of the 21st century epidemics. The worldwide prevalence of obesity among women is estimated of more than 21% in 2025. A retrospective analysis of medical data of 208 women qualified for IOL between 2010 and 2015 was performed. The study group consisted of 108 women with body mass index (BMI) ≥ 30 and the control group consisted of 100 women with BMI of 18.5-25. There were no significant differences in women’s age between the groups. Read full text »

40-year old patient diagnosed with breast cancer during her fifth pregnancy – case report

Abstract: Pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC) is defined as a breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy or in the first 12 months after the delivery. The diagnosis of PABC is an undeniable challenge for future parents and for the physicians. We present a case of 40-year-old patient who has been diagnosed in the 23rd week of her fifth pregnancy with a breast cancer. Read full text »

Evaluation of clinical use of HE4 marker in women with endometrial cancer

Abstract: Endometrial cancer (EC). It is the most common malignant neoplasm of the reproductive organs. The etiology of EC includes the stimulation of endometrial mucosa by estrogens, without opposes effect of progesterone. Human epididymis secretory protein 4 (HE4) is a marker that is widely used in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. In recent years, studies have demonstrated HE4 overexpression in EC. The aim of our study is to compare serum HE4 marker concentration in patients with both benign pathology (BP) and EC. As well as to analyze the value of serum HE4 level, depending on clinical staging and histological grading in women with EC. A retrospective study included 202 patients diagnosed with EC and 104 patients with benign lesions within the endometrium. In each patient, the level of the HE4 marker was marked. Read full text »

Labolatory indicators of lipid metabolism in patients hospitalized with various degress of obesity and metabolic syndrome

Abstract: Increased incidence of metabolic syndrome including the occurrence of obesity epidemic is associated with a change in the lifestyle of society. The objective of the study was to evaluate biochemical parameters of lipid metabolism in hospitalized patients with obesity related to metabolic syndrome. The study involved 263 patients of which there were 133 (50.57%) women and 130 (49.43%) men suffering from metabolic syndrome according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) criteria. Read full text »

Determinants of willingness to increase the consumption of products being a source of dietary fiber among men 40 years and more

Abstract: Research on the change in eating behavior and its determinants is important from the perspective of improving the health of Polish population. Still little is known about the men’s eating behaviors, their readiness to change them and the factors conditioning the change. The aim of the study was to get to know the factors that determine the willingness of men aged 40 and above to increase the intake of products that are a source of dietary fiber and learn about barriers to this change. The survey was conducted among 150 men aged 40 and above. The questionnaire was used in the study. Read full text »

Relationship between functional laterality and electromyographic muscle activity – a pilot study

Abstract: Human brain consists of two hemispheres which are a harmonized centre of the nervous system. Despite their integration there are some differences between their functioning in the area of motor activity, emotions, visual-spatial function, and speech. Functional asymmetry in the area of motor activity may have an influence on heavier functional burdening of dominant side, thus influencing distribution of muscular tension. The aim of the study was to determine connection of one- sided lateralization with a change in muscular activity of masticatory apparatus muscles and a group of flexors and extensors of an arm. Read full text »

Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of intravenous lidocaine for the management of acute postoperative pain – current state of knowledge

Abstract: The management of acute post-operative pain is an integral part of surgical procedures. Untreated pain leads to many complications. In anesthetic procedures, multilevel formation and processing of a pain stimulus requires multidirectional treatment. This concept of proceedings is called multimodal analgesia. On the one hand, it enables the effective pain control and on the other hand, minimizes the number of complications resulting from side effects of the drugs used. The basic group of drugs applied to fight acute post-operative pain are opioids, which are according to the concept of multimodal treatment supplemented with non-opioid analgesics, regional anesthesia or a group of drugs called adjuvants. Read full text »