How Much Do We Know About Healthy Tanning Without Melanoma? A Questionnaire Study

Abstract: Melanoma develops rapidly from epidermal skin cells known as melanocytes, proceeding in a short time to the advanced stage of disease. Furthermore, it reveals an alarming increase in annual incidence. The essential solution is focused on appropriate prevention and lifestyle. The aim of the following study is the assessment of the prophylaxis use during exposure to detrimental ultraviolet radiation. The research enrolled 208 randomly selected respondents in an online survey, who answered 25 single and multiple-choice questions about melanoma prevention. The questionnaire was conducted in Poland between 29th November 2016 and 10th January 2017. There was no introductory information for the surveyed before responding. The participants were asked about their constant behavior during exposure to UV rays, such as frequency of sunbathing, application of sunscreen products, regularity of check-ups with a dermatologist as well as self-assessment of skin marks. Achieved results were compared in a few groups considering gender, Fitzpatrick skin scale and education. Up to 56% of participants sunbathe during the highest values of UV Index. 86% claim to apply sunscreen before exposure to UV radiation. 86% of respondents have been sunburned at least once in a life. 75% admit to not controlling skin lesions at a dermatologist. More than half of the respondents (54%) have not ever heard about the ABCDEs of melanoma. The awareness of safe tanning is moderate. The majority of respondents apply sunscreen products but to a large extent people disregard the principles of their proper use.

Hanna Drobek, Dominika Wcislo-Dziadecka

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