Kidney Retransplantation – Are The Good Results Attainable? – Review

Abstract: Kidney transplantation is the best-known method of treatment for patients with end-stage renal disease. Thanks to the development of effective immunosuppressive regimens in kidney transplantation, graft and patient survival during last decades has lengthened. However, chronic allograft dysfunction remains the main problem as long as kidney transplantation is concerned and is one of the main reasons for patients return to the dialyses program. 25% of the patients on the waiting list are patients qualified for retransplantation. The aim of this study was to analyze literature from PubMed database regarding kidney retransplantation results. Kidney retransplantation is considered the preferred treatment for patients with renal allograft failure, not only because the good results are attainable but also because of the significant improvement of quality of life in the retransplanted patients and the costs are comparable.


Kalina Jedrzejko, Rafal Kieszek, Magdalena Kwapisz, Monika Bieniasz, Magdalena Nita, Artur Kwiatkowski

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