Is Kidney Retransplantation Connected to More Frequent Occurrence of Surgical Complications?

About 25% of patients on the waiting lists have renal allograft failure. It is important to find out whether the subsequent kidney transplantation is connected to the higher risk of surgical complications. 406 kidney recipients that received a kidney graft between 2013 and 2015 in a single transplant centre were taken to the analysis. We asked whether the subsequent kidney transplantation is connected to more frequent surgical complications. In the retransplant group there were 3 patients who had lost their kidney graft during follow-up period because of surgical complications. All complications occurred within the first 6 days after transplantation. There were 3 more surgical complications in the group of patients who received a subsequent kidney graft: minor graft bleeding, bleeding from the ureterovesical anastomosis and one uretrovesical anastomosis stenosis which required a reconstruction. In the first group of the patients there were only 3 surgical interventions after transplantation (ureterovesical anastomosis stenosis and lymphocele). The differences between groups are not statistically significant. Kidney retransplantation may be associated with the higher risk of vascular complications and ureterovesical anastomosis stenosis. However, very good results are attainable and patients with renal allograft failure should be qualified for retransplantation whenever possible.

Kalina Jedrzejko, Rafal Kieszek, Magdalena Kwapisz, Monika Bieniasz, Magdalena Nita, Artur Kwiatkowski

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