The Influence of Enteral Nutritional Therapy on Patients’ Condition And Life Quality

Abstract:Diet almost always affects the condition of patients and the quality of their lives. Proper nutrition is extremely important during therapy of all disease entities. For the purpose of this publication a study was conducted which assessed the influence of enteral nutritional therapy (ENT) implementation on overall condition of patients and quality of their lives. Research was based on elaborated survey which assessed number of hospitalizations and medical consultations in patients before and after introduction of ENT. Survey also assessed subjective feels of patients and/or their caregivers connected with ENT. Research showed that ENT is a beneficial therapeutic solution in case of patients suffering from diseases which make normal eating impossible and lead to progressing emaciation of organism. Subjective assessment of life quality also improved.


Piotr Piech, Jerzy Bednarski, Agnieszka Molas, Karolina Rasoul, Maciej Koziol, Przemyslaw Matras, Malgorzata Nescior

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