Elicitation and Elicitation Supported With the Phenylpropanoids Pathway Feeding for the Elevation of Phenolics Content in Quinoa Sprouts

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the combined action of phenylpropanoids feeding (shikimic acid, phenylalanine, tyrosine) and elicitation as a strategy for the elevation of phenolic content in quinoa sprouts. The highest increase of flavonoids content was found for the sprouts treated with shikimic acid. All the studied modifications increased the antioxidant potential of sprouts. The highest reducing power was found for the sprouts treated with 200 mM H2O2 obtained by phenylalanine feeding (2.65 mg TE/g d.m.), and those treated with 50 mM H2O2 and fed with phenylalanine (2.54 mg TE/g d.m.). Therefore, elicitation and elicitation supported can be considered as a promising approach to improve the content of phenolics and allows to increase the nutraceutical potential of quinoa sprouts.

Justyna Bochnak, Małgorzata Sikora, Michał Swieca

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