Determinants of willingness to increase the consumption of products being a source of dietary fiber among men 40 years and more

Abstract: Research on the change in eating behavior and its determinants is important from the perspective of improving the health of Polish population. Still little is known about the men’s eating behaviors, their readiness to change them and the factors conditioning the change. The aim of the study was to get to know the factors that determine the willingness of men aged 40 and above to increase the intake of products that are a source of dietary fiber and learn about barriers to this change. The survey was conducted among 150 men aged 40 and above. The questionnaire was used in the study. For data analysis, the IBM SPSS Statistics 24.0 statistical package was used. To determine the differences between the variables the Chi2 test was used at the significance level of p<0.05. It was shown that significantly more men aged 51-60 expressed a desire to increase the consumption of products being a natural source of dietary fiber. Men with vocational education constituted the largest percentage of respondents who wanted to increase vegetable consumption. More than half of the respondents (58.7%) indicated the difficulties in changing eating behaviors because of too high prices of products being a natural source of dietary fiber. There were significant differences in opinions about lack of knowledge as an obstacle to change. In the group of respondents, the readiness to change the eating behavior was low. Acceptance of change by the household members, diversified offer of food products in stores, increase in income, fashion for a healthy lifestyle and knowledge about the impact of fiber on the organism are required to facilitate the behaviors’ change. Authors: Milena Wasilewska, Marzena Jezewska-Zychowicz Download this article

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